Archive Storage

Archive storage is our service which allows you to clear out those documents that you don’t need regularly but still have to keep hold of. Read more about our archive storage services below and why it is a good idea to keep your documents off site and safe and sound.

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Document Storage

Better Archive Storage offer archiving and office storage solutions. The documents in office premises in archive boxes, drawers and filing cabinets can be and expensive hidden cost to a business. The costs involved are measurable in terms of wasted storage space, human resource of searching and retrieving files and the opportunity cost of failing to use the space for profitable applications.

Keep Your Archived Documents in Great Condition

Some files, deeds and documents need to be kept for legal or statutory reasons and yet the contents are rarely looked at. Very often, archives are poorly boxed and kept in lofts, garages, ‘stationary cupboards’ Let Better Removals & Storage keep your documents safe.

Compliance & Legislation

Quite often it is compliance or legislation which forces the retention of documents and records for long periods of time. Regardless of the type of document or record, the Better Archive Storage depot have the facility to store your boxes in the correct conditions for the required period of time.

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Archive Storage